Direct Mail

Direct Mail

In an increasingly digital world, direct mail continues to be one of the most popular marketing media. In fact, our clients are discovering digital media should complement their print efforts—not replace them.

While sophisticated operations are certainly part of SeaChange’s appeal, we’ve found many clients choose us every bit as much for our direct mail team: experts with analytical, creative minds that know the extremely specific USPS Automation Standards. We’ve created everything from a small batch of folded self-mailers to a million 12-page self-cover booklets with a coupon card.

We provide mail tracking services, electronic submission of required transit documentation and an automated mail verification process. And we’re recognized by the USPS as a Business Alliance Partner. It’s a depth of experience that helps companies save on postage—so they can spend more of their budget on engaging design and creative execution.

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In a study performed by Epsilon, 60% prefer direct mail over e-mail or other mailing methods in 14 different categories relating to information in many areas.