We want to help clients stand out with their marketing – while making sure we stand out as good stewards of the environment.

FSC® Certification
We’ve achieved the Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody certification. That means we take strict steps to ensure select projects – those stamped with the FSC® logo – are using paper from responsibly managed sources. We also include using recycled paper for make ready and take other steps to ensure we aren’t depleting resources.
PIM Great Printer
We participate in the Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) Great Printer Environmental Initiative, committing to go beyond industry requirements to minimize waste, recycle waste, maximize energy efficiency, and create a healthier and safer work environment. This includes conducting Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Audits and pursuing projects that make the world a greener and better place.


Saving (and Making) Energy!

With rooftop solar panels, we supply a significant amount of energy for our facilities, and we’re looking for ways to cut back on consumption too like adding motion-sensor lights to our new warehouse. We’ve converted more than 90% of our lighting to LED for a significant energy savings. And we’re helping employees and guests who’ve ditched gas-fueled vehicles by offering electric car charging stations.


Serious About Recycling

Sure, we’ve got recycling containers located around the building. But that’s just the beginning. Our bailing system collects paper and waste during production. We break down and recycle old electronics and printing equipment. And we recycle everything from ink and solvents to batteries and printing plates too. We also look for opportunities to refill or reuse, such as bulk ink containers, print heads, and cores from web paper rolls.


Operating Efficiently

Our commitment to technology means we’re continuously looking for equipment that produces a better result for clients while reducing waste and energy use. That includes shorter make-ready processes and maximized sheet use. We also partner with clients on ways to save money and reduce waste, such as maximizing layouts on a page and cleaning up mailing lists with postal standardization & validation services.

Here's just a snapshot of how we're caring for the environment:

  • Recycling of waste including paper, corrugate, electronics, inks, solvents, oils, and print heads
  • 60kw rooftop solar panels in 1 year provide CO2 offset equal to 809 trees
  • Over 90% of lights are LED
  • Member PIM Great Printer Environmental Initiative
  • FSC® Certified
  • Up to 75% energy savings with warehouse motion sensor lights
  • 976 pounds of aluminum plates are recycled each month on average
  • Reduced VOC emissions by 95% by using UV over conventional sheetfed ink 
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