Amanda Notch

Account Manager

Amanda Notch

Amanda admits that while in college, she hadn’t planned on a career in print but over the last 12 years she has made just that! She has built a wide knowledge base through a variety of positions in Customer Service, the majority of them with a strong emphasis on mailing. She has an in-depth understanding of managing the overall customer experience; from onboarding to project completion as well as troubleshooting at the various stages of a project’s lifecycle. Additionally, she has gained practical experience in writing and evaluating processes and workflows for efficiencies and high quality standards. She is eager to have an impact on our day to day work flow with her positive perspective and depth of knowledge in Mail, Customer Service and Process Management.

Amanda currently lives in Saint Cloud with her husband and their cat. When she’s not reading or doing something artsy, she can be found visiting family or spending time in the St. Croix River Valley. If you can’t find her there, check the North Shore. She and her husband have been scheming for years as to how to spend more time enjoying the splendor that is Lake Superior and Sven & Ole’s Pizza.