We’re excited to share some “buzz” that is making rounds in the mail industry.  As you may have heard the USPS has announced four (4) promotions for 2015. While not the number of promotions as in the past, (4 vs. 8) these seem to run for longer periods of time. The promotions are designed to save direct mailers money and generate new business – similar to past years.  Additionally, they aim to help reduce the decline in First-Class letter mail volumes.

Here is a brief description of each promotion, and a calendar is also available below:

  1. First-Class Mail Color/Trans-promo Promotion - Supports the continued growth of First-Class Mail and encourages mailers to invest in color print technology for bills and statements. Utilizing color ink on bills and statements may encourage higher responses from consumers. In 2014, an upfront postage discount was offered.
  2. Mail Drives Mobile Engagement Promotion - Demonstrates how direct mail, combined with mobile technology continues to be a convenient method for marketers to connect with their customers and facilitate more ways to do their shopping. Mail pieces will typically include scan-compatible print and mobile technology leading the recipient to mobile-optimized experience. In 2014, an upfront postage discount and rebate was offered.
  3. Earned Value Reply Mail - Slows the decline of First-Class Mail (Business Reply Mail and Courtesy Reply Mail) through a postage credit back to the mailer for each reply mail piece returned from a customer. In 2014, a postage credit was also offered on qualifying pieces.
  4. Advanced or Emerging Technologies Promotion - Encourages the use of “enhanced” augmented reality or standard Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in mailing campaigns to allow mobile devices to provide an interactive experience for the user.

Timing is available in our promotions calendar.  Here at SeaChange we use Window Book’s DAT-MAIL software to ensure your files meet the requirements for these promotions.  If you’re wanting to participate, give us a call at 763-586-3744 and ask for Lyuba Wallin – our Mailing Operations Manager and she will be delighted to answer any question you have.  Each promotion and incentive program requires separate registration, so don’t delay. If preferred, e-mail her at lyubaw@seachangemn.com.

Stay tuned for future updates on the finalization of these 2015 promotion and incentive programs.

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