The latest innovation in digital printing is being installed at SeaChange. Our Customers now have a SilverCertificate_revcreative, competitive advantage not previously available in the printing industry - a digital color press with metallic capabilities that enhances documents with true pantone silver 877 for variable print personalization!

The Xerox 1000i Press is the first in the industry to offer digital metallic silver ink at rated speed. Now, statements, letters, rewards checks, postcards, and self-mailers can be enhanced with eye-catching, shimmering metallic silver variable elements – amazing even the most experienced eye. Lucrative foil stamping applications, such as invitations, certificates and business cards and now migrate to short-run, high-value digital production.

Want to be a star? Do you want to accent marketing pieces with a brand-new, dramatic impression that’s both unique and memorable? Our digital center is now one of the most advanced, compelling creative solutions in the country. Call us for a discussion – all that glitters at SeaChange is not gold. It’s Silver.

Redefining Print

Article by SeaChange