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They've grown up in the digital age, and they're incredibly savvy with social media. But that doesn't mean Millennials eschew print. In fact, as the resurgence of print books ¹ and vinyl records has shown, Millennials are drawn to tactile experiences.² Consider these stats: 

  • 54% love and look forward to receiving catalogs 
  • 78% of Millennials prefer print books to ebooks 
  • 57% prefer mailed invitations to evites 
  • 77% pay attention to direct mail advertising vs. only 51% to emails 

What's behind the affinity for print? The simple answer may be that it's a welcome break from the busy digital space. But another very important consideration involves Millennials' lack of trust. Compared to digital documents, print is seen as more official (88%), more trusted (82%), and safer/more secure (74%).4

It's an important lesson for any company trying to win over a group with $200 billion in annual buying power - and that number refers just to the U.S.5

As you're planning your next campaign, consider print. Better yet, make it part of an omni-channel approach. It's a smart way to make your business look trustworthy and to appeal to a generation grown weary of the media that's defined it. 

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Redefining Print

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