Chances are you’ve heard of at least one big data breach in the news this year. From credit card issuers to retail stores and utilities, companies across the U.S. and abroad have a big responsibility to keep consumers’ data protected.

Yet it’s not just financial data that poses a risk. Healthcare organizations have strict regulations and requirements for protecting and securing sensitive information too. And because we work closely with healthcare and other high-risk industries, we’re continually taking steps to ensure the data we touch stays safe. We recently took another leap forward by earning Certified status from the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance.

An overarching security framework, HITRUST CSF incorporates and leverages federal (HIPAA and HITECH), state, third-party (PCI and COBIT), and other government agency (NIST, FTC, and CMS) regulations, standards and frameworks.
That’s a lot of acronyms. But they all mean one thing: You and your target audience can rest assured we’re working hard to keep your data safe.

View the full July 31st 2017 press release here.

Want to learn more about our security procedures? Drop a note to our Chief Technology Officer, Arin Brown.

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