With our new punch and binding equipment, we now offer in-house Wire-O® binding — making SeaChange your single source for book projects while saving you time and money.

The EX610 High-Speed Automatic Punch and 3000S Semi-Automatic Binder, both from James Burn, give you options including: 

  • Wire-O® or spiral plastic and metal binding
  • Variety of gauge bindings to match your book
  • Various metal and plastic color options

The new equipment can punch up to 125,000 sheets per hour, handling small and large projects with exceptional quality.

With our Easy Enveloper on its way and these new machines being installed right now, we’re continuing to make investments in equipment that can make your projects look even better — all while delivering efficiencies that optimize your project budget.

Want to see a sample of what the new equipment can do? Contact us.


Embracing Technology Redefining Print

Article by Floyd Stanley, VP of Operations

With a unique blend of sales and operations experience, Floyd Stanley started his career working for Fortune 500 consumer brands, where he learned the importance of building and maintaining strong brands. He then spent nearly 20 years honing his operational skills in direct mail, packaging, digital marketing, warehousing and fulfillment. Known for his attention to detail, Floyd is committed to operational excellence and always looking for ways to streamline workflows by using technology and automation. At the same time, he’s passionate about people and prioritizes being highly visible and accessible to his team.