4 reasons to be excited about the W&D 410 Easy Enveloper

We recently became the first printer in Minnesota to purchase a W&D 410 Easy Enveloper. This high-speed converting equipment from Winkler + Dünnebier will allow SeaChange to create high-quality envelopes in-house for clients. Here are just four ways the Easy Enveloper could enhance your next project.


With the ability to do everything in-house including creating envelopes, we eliminate the delays that can come from using an outside vendor. That’s an advantage anytime – especially during supply chain delays like we’ve all seen over the past couple years.



Purchasing envelopes from multiple vendors can result in quality and sizing variations. With the W&D 410 Easy Enveloper, we can ensure the same high level of quality on every run and make sure envelopes are the ideal fit for our inserting process.

The W&D 410 Easy Enveloper handles a wide range of stocks from cost-efficient papers to linens. It also gives you options for die cuts, windows, and special coatings such as spot UV, foil, and soft touch.

If you’ve ordered a lot of envelope inventory in the past, you know it can tie up your budget. You also run the risk of envelopes getting too old to use or being wasted if your artwork changes. With this new equipment, you can skip the inventory and have what you need created anytime.
We can’t wait for the new equipment to be installed in 2023. Have questions before then? Reach out any time. We’d love to tell you more about it.

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Article by Floyd Stanley, VP of Operations

With a unique blend of sales and operations experience, Floyd Stanley started his career working for Fortune 500 consumer brands, where he learned the importance of building and maintaining strong brands. He then spent nearly 20 years honing his operational skills in direct mail, packaging, digital marketing, warehousing and fulfillment. Known for his attention to detail, Floyd is committed to operational excellence and always looking for ways to streamline workflows by using technology and automation. At the same time, he’s passionate about people and prioritizes being highly visible and accessible to his team.