Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day, and across the country we’ll decide races big and small. That includes everything from 435 House of Representative and 35 Senate seats to local school boards and city councils. SeaChange values the right to vote, and we encourage everyone to make it a priority this year. Here are three ways to get ready: 

1. Register to vote.
If you aren’t already registered to vote, National Voter Registration Day has great online tools to help you do it. Every state has different deadlines for registration, so be sure to check yours. While some states have a 30-day cutoff, others allow same-day registration at the polls. Headcount lets you search by state for deadlines, and it offers an online registration tool too.

2. Do your research.

You might feel overwhelmed by TV, social media, and mail advertising for or against candidates right now. We get it. Get beyond the hype and find helpful information at Vote 441. A non-partisan site created by the League of Women Voters, it shows what’s on your ballot and also has candidate-supplied information and links to debate videos.

3. Make a plan for voting.

We believe everyone deserves access to voting resources and the time needed to vote, so we give SeaChangers up to two hours of paid time off through November 8 to vote. Ask your company if you get time off. In many states, it’s required by law. Then, figure out how you’ll vote: in person (early or on election day) or by mail. Headcount can show you the options and deadlines for your location.

Voting by mail? There’s a good chance SeaChange printed the ballot. Our Election Services team produces more than 17 million optical scan ballots every presidential and mid-term election year for 3,000+ jurisdictions. We’re proud to be part of the election system – and proud to help make elections more accessible.

Already done with steps 1-3 above? Grab your favorite snack, prepare for a late night, and get ready for the election results to roll in.

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Article by Wendi Breuer, President & CEO

A passionate person and natural leader, Wendi Breuer values loyalty, communication, and growth. She says her job as president and CEO is to serve others in the company, creating a strategic vision and giving them the tools and support they need to do an excellent job. She has been recognized with awards including National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Woman Business Owner of the Year, Enterprising Women of the Year, and 2021 Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal Most Admired CEOs.