How We Created Our Fall to the Fullest Mailer

If you participated in our Fall to the Fullest campaign, you recently received a personalized mailer with a fall bucket list, photos, and recipes tailored to your favorite fall activities. It was a fun mailer to create, and we loved seeing so much enthusiasm for the results.

Of course, we’re always excited to share far more than chili recipes – and we’d love to tell you how we put this campaign together so you can try it yourself. Here’s a quick overview of what we did:

1. Knowing we wanted to create a mailer that highlighted how personalization can delight recipients, we gathered a team of creative SeaChangers to brainstorm ideas for the campaign. We chose a fall theme, and then we detailed what content it would contain and which elements would be variable. For this mailer, the cover, fall bucket list, and back “impactful personalization is easy” panels remained static. All other panels featured personalization including name, drink recipe (3 options), food recipe (3 options), and photography chosen to match the recipient’s favorite fall activity.

2. We then reached out to clients and prospects via email, our blog, and social media. To participate, they simply clicked through to our campaign landing page, answered a couple quick questions, and entered their names, email addresses, and mailing addresses:


3. Using the data gathered, we created the mailers with personalized content and sent them to recipients at work – or at home if they requested that option. The drink panel had three choices: caramel apple martini, snickerdoodle latte, and bourbon maple leaf cocktail. And the food panel had three options: classic chili, fall charcuterie board, and apple crisp.

Fall_HowTo_Post_IMAGE_v200If you’re new to personalization, we can help you find simple ways to collect data like we’ve done on this Fall to the Fullest mailer.

And if you’re already a pro with data, we can help too. We know many of our clients have sophisticated data collection and analysis capabilities, and we have worked on complex personalization campaigns as well. With HIPAA compliance and annual audits for SOC2 and HITRUST, we know how to protect your data.

Interested in learning more now that you’ve had a taste of personalization?
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Article by Arin Brown, CTO

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