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Think for a moment about how we learn the latest news. Some of us have 24-hour cable news channels on whenever we’re home. Others subscribe to daily newspapers or to news magazines. Some people just skim social media for headlines. Each of us has a different approach — and most of us probably use a hybrid.

How we consume marketing messages varies too. This breadth of media preferences shows us that a single channel can’t appeal to everyone. And companies that are tying all their marketing efforts to a single medium, such as online ads or emails, are missing the mark.
Savvy companies instead realize the importance of an omni-channel strategy. Sixty-two percent currently have or plan to implement one, and nearly half are integrating consumer data with other data, media and marketing programs.1

An omni-channel strategy can include postcards, dimensional mailers, emails, online ads and more. And they can all drive consumers to personalized landing pages (PURLs) with specially tailored messaging.

Yet when asked what they include in omni-channel approaches, many companies listed digital first: websites, email, mobile and social media.1 Only a third said they use direct mail.1

According to the Data & Marketing Association, this can be a big miss. “It’s direct mail that anchors the campaign and drives the support tactics that can boost the overall effectiveness of an omni-channel effort.”2

Why is print so important? It engages more senses than digital media, making it more memorable.3 It helps build credibility. And it makes your company appear more personable, reminding consumers that there are real people behind your business.4

Wondering how an omni-channel approach can work for your company? We’ve helped a wide range of clients deliver effective omni-channel campaigns, and we’d be happy to share what we’ve discovered. Contact us to learn more and discuss your next project.

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