This holiday season, we put our personalization capabilities to work while sharing holiday surprises with our clients.

Beginning with an email campaign, we asked recipients to click through to a landing page and answer one quick question:

With December arriving, you’ll likely find me …

– Enthusiastically decorating for the holidays. Hello, Pinterest boards.

– Longing for the upcoming days off work – a chance to relax!

– Dreaming of holiday delicacies. Those rich desserts are so tempting!

We then used the answer to select a gift: an adorable holiday gnome, a relaxing tea and essential oil combo, or artisan chocolates and caramels.

GnomePackageEach gift was packaged in a fun and unique box with personalized content and sent right to the recipient’s office or home – whichever they chose.

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Article by Mandy Olstad, Account Executive

An observant people reader with a photographic memory, Mandy Olstad loves making connections with people and values her relationships. She has a degree in graphic arts and has worked in a variety of positions within the industry – including production management, estimating, and sales – and has worked on the client side as well, giving her a deep perspective and openness to finding creative solutions that clients appreciate.