Throughout Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the characters are transformed in personality and perspective.   Transformation is influenced by environment, and here at SeaChange our very own space has undergone an enormous change.  And, the newfound joy, energy and productivity is evident for all SeaChangers working in their new stylish and collaborative surroundings.  Many visitors have commented on its “agency type feel”. 

Our renovation started with a new roof last year, as well as a new air conditioning system, construction of a new humidity controlled digital center and production floor enhancements to support our new presses.   In the Fall of 2014, we began remodeling the office areas, as well as a full “facelift” to the area most important in welcoming you – our front lobby.  Rounding out this amazing project was the completion of our state-of-the-art customer innovation lounge, a contemporary and inspirational setting for our clients.  In addition, we created a hip new employee lunch area, and adorned our hallways with art prints (created on our own large format equipment) of photos taken with an abstract perspective of our capabilities.

SeaChange, similar to A Midsummer Night's Dream’s theme - is built from and around transformation. Come in to see it for yourself – we look forward to hosting you.

SeaChange-Side by Side


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