The USPS has six promotions for 2022 and some of the postage discounts have increased to 4%. Check out these options designed to save you money on your direct mail campaigns.

  1. Tactile, sensory and interactive pieces – Save 4% when you use innovative paper, substrates, inks, interactive elements, and finishing techniques.

  2. Emerging and advanced technology – Incorporate enhanced AR, VR/MR, NEFT, video in print, or multichannel mail integration with voice assistants to save 2-3%.

  3. Earned value reply mail – Get a $0.02 credit per counted reply and/or share mail piece when you distribute Business Reply Mail (BRM), Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM), and Share Mail envelopes and cards.

  4. Personalized color transpromo – Incorporate color marketing messaging in bills and statements to save 3%.

  5. Informed Delivery – Use USPS’s Informed Delivery omni-channel feature and get a 4% discount.

  6. Mobile shopping – Integrate mobile technologies that facilitate convenient, seamless online shopping experiences and save 2%.

    Download this calendar to see the promotion and registration periods.


As you’re thinking about how to take advantage of USPS promos this year, remember that our mailing services team can help you execute on these incentives. 

For details on all six 2022 promotions, connect with us. We’ve love to help you figure out how you can take advantage of a USPS promotion on your next direct mail campaign.

Embracing Technology Redefining Print

Article by Suzi Oswald, Postal Specialist

A self-proclaimed mail geek, Suzi Oswald loves everything about mail – and helping people use it. She has nearly 25 years of experience in the printing and direct mail industry and is always looking to learn more, make improvements, and apply the latest technologies. She’s a Mail Piece Design Professional (MDP), Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM) and Certified Direct Mail Professional (CDMP) with the United States Postal System.