We’ve all been hearing about pricing going up lately, from the grocery store to the gas pump. The latest news from the U.S. Postal Service shows prices will be going up at the mail counter too.

Here are a few notable changes:

  • Meter discount. The discount for meter mail, which is available only for first-class mail, will drop from 5 cents to 3 cents.
  • Non-machinable surcharge. The surcharge for any non-machineable mail is rising from 30 cents to 39 cents.
  • Drop ship discounts. The discounts for NDC and SCF drop shipments are increasing. It’s always a good practice to look at your mailings for NDC and SCF discounts. SeaChange can help with your mail plan and look for postal savings.
  • Pre-Sorted First-Class Mail®.The most significant impact will be with presorted First-Class Mail®. Flats are getting more expensive, and this is true also with standard/marketing mail rates. Despite the cost increase, we still recommend using flats as they have a better ROI than letter-size mail pieces.

Postal Chart Download

As you’re thinking about your next project, check out our new Postal Rates Chart for an overview of common rates. And if you’re wondering how to optimize your direct mail campaigns to take advantage of the lowest possible rates – and any current promotions from the USPS – reach out anytime. We’ll be happy to share our expertise.



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Article by Suzi Oswald, Postal Specialist

A self-proclaimed mail geek, Suzi Oswald loves everything about mail – and helping people use it. She has nearly 25 years of experience in the printing and direct mail industry and is always looking to learn more, make improvements, and apply the latest technologies. She’s a Mail Piece Design Professional (MDP), Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM) and Certified Direct Mail Professional (CDMP) with the United States Postal System.