Using Personalization Where It Matters Most

As consumers have learned to simply unsubscribe from emails — and do so with increasing frequency — marketers are turning to personalization as one way to get their attention. And they’ve found it works. Open rates increase 64% when emails are customized.1 That trend toward personalization has grown in direct mail as well.

It’s a simple idea: Seeing our name in print or in a subject line makes us feel acknowledged and even a bit special. It’s no different than the joy we felt as children searching for our names on gift shop tchotchkes.

Yet adding individuals’ names isn’t the only way marketers can tailor their approach. While about 40% of companies stick to the basics like name, location and demographics, opportunities exist to personalize based on lifestyle details, family details, social profiles, occupations and more.2

The next time you’re working on an email or direct mail campaign, make the most of consumer data. Consider these ideas:

  • Vary messaging — If your audience is split between single people and families, make some simple variations in copy. A simple message of “you and your family” can appeal to the latter; removing it elsewhere can avoid alienating others.
  • Consider photography — Some companies have seen success by segmenting a direct mail piece to women and men by swapping out the photo. Tailoring photography by age or hobby can be effective as well.
  • Think geographically — If you’re sending a mailer in winter, think about how your photography could reflect what your recipients are currently experiencing. Pictures of kids having a snowball fight make sense in Minnesota. In south Texas, it’s a different story.
  • Tailor your offers — Look at what your past customers have purchased. If you own an outdoor gear shop, for example, you could send people who routinely buy climbing gear different messages and offers than those who prefer fishing supplies.

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Wondering how you could bring personalization to your next project? Ask us for ideas.

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