SeaChange’s commitment to our values guides us in uncertain and challenging times. Despite a global health pandemic, social unrest and economic uncertainty, U.S. elections must go on. 

We have nearly completed our work for the 2020 election cycle. We are proud of the role our team plays in ensuring every voter who wishes to vote can do so — safely and securely. When demand surged due to the pandemic, we surged our capacity to help jurisdictions nationwide meet demand. That’s our democracy at work.

Businesses and work should not be barriers to voting

Historically, U.S. voter turnout is significantly lower than most other established democracies. On average, 60% of the population votes in presidential elections. Many people cite work, school and schedule conflicts as barriers to voting. COVID-19 has also changed the way we think about how to vote safely. Nearly 50% of registered voters expect more difficulties voting this election. 

Voter turnout for the 2018 midterm election was the highest of any in the last century, and a contributing factor to this increase was the number of businesses that encouraged employees to vote. As a company, we are invested in the election process. We support everyone in making sure your voice is heard — not only in the 2020 election, but in future elections as well. 

Making time for all employees to vote

Helping people vote is core to our business, and voting is key to our democracy. We believe everyone deserves access to voting resources and the time needed to vote. SeaChange employees can take up to two hours of paid time off through November 3 to vote in person (early or on election day) or by mail. If your business hasn’t already granted employees work time to vote, please consider it.  Empowering employees to vote is right for businesses and right for our democracy.

Learn more at and, nonpartisan movements led by business leaders and organizations to increase voter participation.

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Article by Doug Sunde, VP Election Services

As vice president of SeaChange’s Election Services, Doug is always looking for ways to make our processes lean without jeopardizing quality. Doug is a pioneer in elections and enjoys pursuing and implementing innovative offerings that assist election officials with more efficient and transparent processes. He is an excellent problem solver and enjoys collaborating with others.