University Cuts Costs & Adds Impact

If you have a high school student in your home, you’ve probably noticed just how much direct mail universities send – especially in that senior year. Standing out among the stack is a challenge for any higher ed institution, and it’s even tougher when marketing budgets are tight. When a small, specialized university came to us with an idea, we helped find a solution that worked.

After noticing a diecut on a direct mail piece his teenage daughter had received, the university’s creative director sought to replicate it. We determined that simply adding this eye-catching technique to the existing brochure-style mailer would surpass their budget. But rethinking the content could cut costs while adding impact.

Using the HP T240 press, we were able to personalize multiple areas of the mailer. Instead of detailing all the program offerings, the new mailer sends just the relevant content to each prospective student. It also allows for personalization of the recipient’s name and – if the client chooses – could even allow for photos to be swapped out based on demographic info.

HPT240-1200x600Even with the new diecut, the revised approach cut costs nearly in half. And with a more tailored approach, the team expects it to drive higher engagement.

Learn more about the HP T240 with this product video.

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Embracing Technology Redefining Print

Article by Theresa Rotter, GATHER Administrator & Design Manager

After 16 years as a graphic designer and print specialist, Theresa Rotter realized she was ready to expand her skills to have an omni-channel focus. When she saw how SeaChange was embracing technology, she knew she had found the right fit for her curious mind. As a GATHER Administrator, Theresa creates client portals, manages projects, and develops variable templates that allow clients to customize their own brand materials. Known for her positive attitude, nearly constant smile, and willingness to take on any challenge, she’s also active in SeaChange’s marketing efforts, manages the design team, and coordinates internal campaigns.